9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Shopping Cart Software

Long gone are the days when you could just depend on traditional sales such as in-person visits or even walk-ups to wherever you're located. You can't even really just depend on the phone anymore, much less very old-fashioned mail order sales. Now you must meet your customers where they are, whenever they are there, and that means making sure that they can access e-commerce in useful, functional ways. To do that, you probably need to implement some shopping cart software.

However, as you probably know from your own experience, not all shopping cart software is created equal. Some is built on customer convenience and efficiency. But much does not take the full user experience in mind. For example, you need to make sure that your customer believes in your security system and knows that their transaction will protect their financial information. What other considerations should you review? This graphic explains them.

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Digital Developments That Are Impacting Retail

There is no doubt that technology is constantly changing the world, and as a result; retail is being directly impacted by new digital developments. As consumers, we are no longer restricted to traditional shopping methods as online shopping now provides a range of different services that offer the ultimate convenience.
Increase of E-Commerce Sales through Digital Devices Sales through digital devices have soared in the last 5 years and the number of digital buyers worldwide has increased from 1.32 billion in 2014 to 1.79 billion in 2018. They’re also expected to reach 1.92 billion by 2019. These massive numbers reflect the increasing demand for enhanced digital experiences for customers, as more and more people now prefer doing their shopping online – even 28% of seniors have embraced new technologies and prefer online shopping to traditional shopping methods.
Rise of Subscription Box Services Subscription boxes have become incredibly popular over the past few years, with online visi…

7 of the Worst Marketing Mistakes Ever

It may seem surprising that even some of the world’s most successful and famous brands don’t always get it right. In fact, some of the marketing campaigns from the likes of Pepsi and Adidas have had the opposite effect than intended with many resulting in public outrage and having to be pulled. Here are some of the most shocking marketing mistakes we’ve ever seen!
1. Coca Cola  Arguably one of the most infamous marketing mistakes to date has to be when Coca Cola decided to change the original recipe of their beloved beverage in April 1985. Much to the distaste of their target consumers, their new and supposedly ‘improved’ recipe was not a success and the public response was so negative, people were hoarding the original Coke and selling it on the black market for hugely inflated prices.

The company’s call centers were also inundated with complaints and there were even threats of lawsuits. By the summer of 1985, Coca Cola were forced to revert back to their well-loved original fizzy f…

What To Consider When Evaluating Customer Service Apps

Managing your customer service and your customer interactions can be a stressful thing for a company. There are so many sites that people turn to in order to vocalize their complaints, and those bad thoughts can quickly spread. And it's tough to be what people expect from customer service in the day and age of modern technology. They want access at their fingertips, all the time, and their patience may not be what it used to be back when mail, brick and mortar, and phones were the only methods of true contact. However, there's something that can help manage those customer service concerns — an app. There are all sorts of options that exist for apps, with different functionality based on what you need and what your business runs like. So how do you sort out the options? This graphic helps to explain what to consider as you evaluate what customer service apps can look like.

How To Ace Each Cold Call You Make

Cold calling can be an essential yet frightening part of your job. However, when done correctly, it can be extremely lucrative. Quite often, the sales funnel includes 5 instances of contact with the potential customer, and the cold call can be an effective part of your strategy when done correctly. Use the steps outlined in the graphic below to ace your cold call game.

6 Effective Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Businesses

When you work in digital marketing, you probably realize that you need all sorts of strategies to generate the new business that you need. But even with all your experience and all your lead generation lists, it's possible that you might be missing some opportunities.

For example, social channels are taking more and more priority, and for good reason. Sales and marketing are looking to increase the quality and volume of leads, and social can help with both those concerns.

But while you're looking for new channels, don't ignore what you're already doing — and how you can adjust it to better support lead generation. Consistency in your materials and communication, for example, is important. What else can you do to keep figuring out how to convince more customers that you can help them? This graphic explains it.

7 Steps to a Better Brand Identity

Distances have less meaning then they once did. Consumers are no longer limited to locally or seasonally available product. In this increasingly competitive business environment, brand identity can be very important.

Here are 7 things to consider when building an identity for your brand name that will stand out from the crowd.
1. Determine Your Target Audience Until you determine your target demographic, you can not market your products efficiently. Take some time to determine who your customer will be. For example, you may consider age, gender, or geographic region.
2. Create a Brand Statement When done well, a brand statement will communicate a general overview of the products you offer, and the advantage of choosing your company. It should consider the previously identified target audience.
3. Who Are Your Competitors Understanding who your competitors are allows you to gain valuable insights into what may be working well for them. By analyzing your competition, you not only get i…